Parking problems at Lehi elementary school lead to alleged vehicular assault

Posted at 4:49 PM, Sep 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-24 18:49:04-04

LEHI, Utah -- One parent says another parent tried to run her over outside their children's elementary school in Lehi this week in an apparent case of road rage.

The alleged victim says she suffered injuries, and the driver is facing potential vehicular assault charges.

There are no school buses at Renaissance Academy in Lehi, so a long line forms every day as parents come to pick up their children.

“There are 700-plus kids, and we are constantly working with the city and the neighbors to try to come up with the best way and the safest way to get all the children out,” said Mark Ursic, the Executive Director at Renaissance Academy.

Some parents have been parking at surrounding businesses, even though there are signs warning them not to. So, the school has formed a group of parent volunteers to help.

“We’ve been asking parents to follow some guidelines that we put in place to make sure that they are only parking in specific areas,” Heather, a parent volunteer, said.

One of those volunteers, who didn’t want to be identified, says on Monday she approached a fellow mom sitting in her Jeep in the parking lot of Alpine Pediatrics. This is the 911 call that followed.

Dispatch: "Police and fire dispatch can you hold please?"

Caller: "No, I need a police officer right now, there is a woman running me over with her car… She just ran me over, just ran over my foot and is now leaving the parking lot.”

Later in the call, the woman says: "I was working at the school and we asked her not to park there, and I came up to her and asked her to move and she ran me over, she backed up over me in the parking lot."

According to the call, the alleged victim tried to follow the driver, but couldn't catch up. Heather said it was a scary experience.

“I was worried, I was frankly very concerned, and I was a little bit shocked that this would actually happen,” she said. “…And having someone flee like that is very dangerous and very scary.”

The alleged victim says she suffered bruises up and down her legs. The next day, police circled the school, waiting for the driver to return. They were eventually able to track her down, and they say the driver told them she didn’t realize she hit anyone.

The case has now been turned over to the Utah County District Attorney. Police say the woman could potentially be charged with vehicular assault.

“In the case where there are people who are angry or frustrated, to take that out on other parents only ends poorly, and it’s not something we condone as a school certainly,” Ursic said.