Salt Lake County Mayor calls for creation of commission to develop Mountain View Corridor

Posted at 6:37 PM, Sep 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-27 11:01:46-04

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams is calling for a commission to work on attracting businesses to the Mountain View Corridor area.

It’s no secret Salt Lake County and West Jordan city leaders didn’t see eye-to-eye over plans to build a new Facebook data center. When negotiations fell apart, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams took a different approach.

West Jordan offered Facebook $240 million in tax breaks, but the Salt Lake County Council killed the deal.

The issue divided the city and the county and prompted McAdams to come up with a solution to bring everybody back to the table to discuss the future of the Mountain View Corridor.

“This is our state’s most valuable economic development asset, bar none,” McAdams said.

At a press conference Monday, McAdams called for the creation of the “Mountain View Economic Development Commission.” If approved by lawmakers, the group would be tasked with developing a master plan that will attract business to set up shop along the Mountain View Corridor.

“You get out here and you see we have thousands of acres of land and we just spent a billion dollars on roadway with several billion to come,” McAdams said.

They see the corridor as prime real estate for businesses. It’s located near Salt Lake International Airport and the Union Pacific Rail Line. With plans to connect the corridor to State Route 201, leaders believe this route will be a game changer.

“We can have a unique vision, a vision that’s going to serve generations, one that we can all feel comfortable having,” said Carmen Freeman, Herriman City Mayor.

McAdams realizes there are reservations by some West Jordan City leaders.

“As far as I’m concerned I see bridges need to be built. Fences need to be mended,” said Zach Jacob, West Jordan City Councilman.

But McAdams hopes they’ll accept this olive branch.

“Regardless of what this commission or any other initiative that’s undertaken, we need to work together,” Jacob said.

Salt Lake County plans to invest $200,000 to start up the commission and will ask the state for matching funds so they can get to work by 2017.

Dave Robinson, McAdams challenger, calls the commission an election stunt.

In a statement sent to Fox 13 it says:

“This is an McAdams election eve campaign tactic. Six weeks prior to the election, McAdams now takes notice of the west side. He abandoned West Valleys bid to keep the Hale Center Theatre. For 4 years and counting, he abandoned the South Jordan Equestrian facility. He dragged his feet on the West Side Cultural Center. He continues to allow community assets on the west side fall into disrepair, such as Marv Jensen Rec Center and West Valley Library. All while spending millions on downtown pet projects.”