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How to let go of mommy guilt

Posted at 1:10 PM, Sep 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-27 15:10:32-04

Carol Tuttle, author of The Child Whisperer, shared 3 tips for avoiding mommy guilt

1. Understand where the guilt comes from. Your guilt is really a lack of insecurity in yourself that has become attached to your role as a mother. Separate your role of "mommy" from your personal value and confidence as a woman. Motherhood is a role you play- start to believe your personal worth as a woman is one of great value. Own your self-confidence.

2. Stop comparing yourself to other moms and stay away from online "Mommy Wars." If you're feeling guilty, you are comparing yourself to someone or some standard that you feel you fall short of. If you're in a stage of feeling insecure, stay off of social media sites, and friends accounts that you have a tendency to compare yourself to or cause further feelings of insecurity and guilt.

2. Motherhood is a developing and growing experience. That is YOUR unique experience. No one has your children, your experience, or your challenges. When you're feeling guilty, take a few minutes and write down 10 things you excel at as a mother. When you focus on perceived shortcomings you feel guilty and depressed. When you focus on your successes you feel grateful and confident and from that place, you create more successes as a mom.