Juvenile facing charges after Logan police respond to several ‘clown incidents’

Posted at 4:32 PM, Oct 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-05 18:32:00-04

LOGAN, Utah — Police in Logan said Wednesday their department has received several reports of  clown related incidents in recent days, and at least one juvenile is facing charges.

According to the Logan Police Department, the clown incidents are a nationwide phenomenon that have recently moved to the local area. The incidents in Logan have involved Facebook posts from persons “making themselves out to be ‘clowns’ making threats to individuals and schools.”

After a report of one such incident on Tuesday, police tracked the source of a Facebook post to a local middle school student. That student has not been identified due to his age, but he is being referred to juvenile court on two counts of Electronic Communications Harassment.

Monday, two schools in Ogden were on lockout as a precaution after reports of clown sightings. 

Logan police say they are taking these incidents seriously and seeking legal action against those responsible. Resource officers at local schools have been made aware of the clown incidents and will continue to perform routine and random checks of schools.

Police ask anyone who becomes aware of a clown threat to report it.

“We want to hold those who are responsible for making any threats to individuals, schools or any organization accountable for their actions,” police stated.