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How to realistically avoid gaining 5 pounds this holiday season

Posted at 1:10 PM, Oct 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-12 15:10:34-04

Students may fear the freshman 15, but most American’s have their own perceived weight gain that hits every year. Once October hits, it seems like the extended holiday season has begun and people start to worry about gaining weight.  Most American’s believe they gain 5 pounds between October and January. The good news is that the reality is that on average, weight gain over the holiday season is 1-3 pounds (depending on what you consider to be the start of the holiday season).

So what strategies do you need to have in place to avoid the feeling of having gained this fall 5 lbs. - phantom or not?  Here are 4 tips to keep you on track as cold weather drives us to cozier habits.

  1. Embrace seasonal produce. To say that there’s not as much healthful produce this time of year is simply untrue.  Each season brings its own nutritional goodness to the table and taking advantage of seasonal fruits and veggies means more balanced nutrition, less calorie overload.  (display seasonal produce)
  2. Keep salads in your meal routine. The style of your salad may change as the temperature drops, but whether it’s a roasted veggie tabbouleh , a bean and barley taco salad or a spinach, citrus and pomegranate side salad  being a year-round salad eater will only improve your health and help on your quest to incorporate meatless meals.  (display salad)
  3. Re-evaluate your couch routine. With shorter daylight and colder temperatures, we are often driven to our couches earlier and for longer binge-watching sessions this time of year.  Set some personal parameters, and consider picking up a new hobby to shake up your relaxation routine. (display remote control, book, knitting needles)
  4. Get up and go! Whether you dig a battery for that long-lost pedometer, bundle up and brave the outdoors with a brisk walk, or create a new favorites list of youtube exercise videos, don’t fall out of your exercise routine. Set some fitness goals for the cold months whether you want to increase the length of your wall-sit or number of crunches and sit-ups.  Keeping physical activity at the forefront will keep weight gain, real or imagined at bay.  (exercise gear)

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