Utah teen suspended, facing charges after assault in high school hallway

Posted at 9:45 PM, Oct 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-12 23:54:37-04

WARNING: While the footage below has been edited to obscure some of the most upsetting details, viewer discretion is advised. 

CACHE COUNTY, Utah -- The tension was thick in the halls of Sky View High School last Friday as two students, one towering over the other, appeared to be arguing. But after only 13 seconds the verbal brawl turned physical, and the altercation was recorded.

One blow to the student's face sent him to the ground. The video continues to show the student convulsing on the hallway floor. The Cache County Sheriff's Office said his injuries were serious enough to require surgery.

“The students involved have been suspended,” said Tim Smith, a spokesperson Cache County School District

The student who threw the punch was arrested that same day. The sheriff's office says he will be charged with aggravated assault. In the meantime, the video captured in the hallway is making its rounds online.

“Although we didn't condone or agree with the posting of the video, in any shape or form, we hope it serves as a reminder to people that violent behavior is dangerous, and it's really a tragedy,” Smith said.

Some parents are expressing their concerns online, saying this is not unique at Sky View but administrators say otherwise.

“This isn't a school known for a lot of bullying incidences," Smith said. "I was vice principal there for eight years, and not many fights or incidents happened during that time."

The school district hopes this will be a learning experience not only for those involved, but for other students as well. Now the school will focus on moving forward.

“We hold a responsibility as educators to teach students how to behave appropriately, how to resolve conflicts and how to deal with incidents like this,” Smith said.

The families of the students involved did not want to comment.

The school district says already they have programs to deal with bullying, and they're encouraging more students to get involved.