Homeowner says little dog a big hero after house fire in Ogden

Posted at 9:43 PM, Oct 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-13 23:55:32-04

OGDEN, Utah -- Don't let the fluff fool you: Little Libby is one of the best watchdogs out there. Early Thursday morning, she had a rescue that puts "Lassie" to shame.

“She came in the room and started barking, just barking, which is unusual at night,” said Noah Hogan, the Ogden Homeowner.

Instantly the homeowners, Noah and Aaron, knew something was wrong.

“It just woke us up and that's when we saw the glow,” Hogan said.

The flames, which started in the garage, were moving fast throughout the home.

“I heard him scream, 'The house is on fire.' I was picking up the cat, he already had the dog,” Hogan said.

The four rushed down the hallway, pushing through smoke once they got out the door. Then they helplessly watched the home they've lived in for seven years go up in flames.

“We just realized there was not much we could do at that point just watch,” Hogan said.

It wasn’t until they were outside that the smoke detectors finally went off.

“Just reliving the night, they went off later, we heard them as they went off when we were outside and the fireman were already there,” Hogan said.

Crews put out the blaze, but despite their efforts the home is a total loss with an estimated $600,000 in damages. Now their home is boarded up and everything they own turned into ash.

“You can think about all the things you lost, but really we got out of the house, everyone was safe, everything else can be replaced or rebuilt. We do we feel lucky in that regard,” Hogan said.

Lucky and thankful for their loyal watchdog who warned them of the danger.

“Who knows what would have happened if not,” Hogan said.

The homeowners and Libby are staying with nearby family.