‘Hero’ talks for first time after losing his leg to save a stranger

Posted at 9:52 PM, Oct 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-25 08:17:38-04

SALT LAKE CITY -- This month a Summit County man risked his life to save a stranger. Keenan Pearson ended up losing his right leg when he pushed a woman out of the way from an oncoming car.

However, Pearson doesn't like to think about the leg he lost, he'd rather focus on the friend he gained. He's referring to the woman he saved, Megan Hansen, of Heber.

"You don't meet many people that are as kind-hearted as you, like I feel lucky to have gotten to know you," said Pearson while speaking with her over the phone from his hospital bed Monday.

Hansen's admiration for Keenan is just as strong.

"He saved my life, he saved both of us really," Hansen said.

The two met after their cars slid off the highway in Parley's Canyon during the early morning hours of Oct. 6. They were both trying to help each other when a third vehicle lost control.

"I remember seeing the car coming at us and being like I need to get her out of the way, and so I pushed her," Pearson said.

"I was so grateful that it was him rather than someone else that maybe would have been in shock," Hansen said.

In the process of rescuing Hansen both of Pearson's legs were badly injured. His right one could not be saved. It's an incredible blow to the husband and father of two.

"I never thought anything like that would ever happen," Pearson said.

Hansen said there is only one word to describe him, "hero."

"He risked his life for me, absolutely, I'm a complete stranger and he put himself first," Hansen said.

Pearson said the injury is much easier to accept knowing the stranger he saved is now a friend for life.

"I think we were brought into each other's lives for a reason and I'm super excited to have a relationship with you guys," Hansen said.

"If I can pick someone to push out of the way of a car it would definitely be you," Pearson said.

There is still no time frame as to when Pearson will be released from the University of Utah Hospital.

A Go Fund Me Account has been set up under Pearson Recovery Fund