Former Cubs player talks about what it means for team to be in World Series

Posted at 10:30 PM, Oct 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-26 00:30:07-04

PROVO, Utah -- From his home in Provo, Vance Law, a former Major League Baseball Allstar with the Chicago Cubs and past coach at BYU talked about what it means to see the Cubs in baseball's World Series.

"You saw tears in a lot of people's eyes because I think they were thinking of their parents and grandparents who hoped that this day would come during their lifespan," Law said.

Many of those same fans were there to cheer for Vance in 1988 when he was named the Most Outstanding All-Around Cub.

In 1989, Law helped lead a team that would win the national league east title, but lost the pennant to the San Francisco Giants. Was it the famed curse of the goat that brought his team down?

"I don't think the players think of it at all. I didn't think about it back in 1989," Law said.

The curse of the goat is a Cubs legend dating back to 1945, the last time the Cubs reached the World Series. According to the legend, a tavern owner was asked to remove his goat from Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs. He is believed to have said the Cubs would never win.

They lost the World Series in 1945 and have not returned until 2016.

"I'm just excited for them this year," Law said.

Though he does not believe the Cubs are cursed, he thinks the championship could be tough to claim.

"If I really had to analyze it, I would give the edge to the Indians right now," said Law, noting a friend and fellow teammate Terry Francona is the manager of the Indians.

Despite his friendship with Francona, Vance is pulling for the Cubs, as much for the fans as for himself.

He has a soft spot for Chicago. So much so, he continues to work in baseball on the other side of the Windy City, managing minor league infielders for the Chicago Whitesox.