Finicum family, Bundy supporters overjoyed as jury acquits 7 in Oregon standoff trial

Posted at 10:29 PM, Oct 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-28 00:29:19-04

SALT LAKE CITY --  A South Jordan woman who testified during the Ammon Bundy trial was overjoyed Thursday evening to learn that he and six others were found not guilty on federal conspiracy and gun charges.

“It makes me want to sing, ‘God Bless the USA,’” Janalee Tobias said, a huge smile on her face.

A huge sense of relief and excitement in Bundy’s victory spread throughout his supporters. He and others formed a group that took over an Oregon wildlife refuge for 41 days beginning last January.

The armed group protested what they felt was a government overreach of federal lands.

“The Bundys are peaceful people," Tobias said. "The Finicums, the protesters are peaceful people."

She went out to the wildlife refuge during the protest, which is why she was called to stand as a witness.

In the midst of the protest, authorities shot and killed LaVoy Finicum during a chase.

His daughter, Arianna Brown, told Fox 13 Thursday: “It’s a shame that somebody had to die over something that everybody was found not guilty for.”

Still, she was just as excited upon hearing the news of the verdict.

“I just wanted to cry, I just couldn’t stop smiling,” she said.

Brown said it shows her dad didn’t die in vain. Instead, he hoped to spread awareness and take a stand.

“I'm sure that he's just crying on the other side, just so happy for them,” she said.

For her and Tobias, seeing a jury look at the case and decide the seven are innocent reaffirms what they believe in.

“I love my country, and I believe in citizens of the United States,” Tobias said, nearly getting emotional as she spoke. “This is the finest hour for citizens.”

While those outside the courtroom jumped for joy, things got a little heated inside after the verdict.

Lawyers from Salt Lake City represented Ammon Bundy, and one of them—Marcus Mumford—was tackled by five U.S. Marshals, Tasered and arrested after arguing his client be immediately released.

His partner, the other lawyer on the case, Morgan Philpot witnessed it.

“Mr. Mumford became very passionate in his argument, and for some reason the U.S. Marshals decided to surround him,” he said.

He added: “I think they've had it out for my client from the beginning. I think Marcus Mumford'S vigorous defense, and his previous objections to their treatment of my client, bugged them.”

According to court reporters in Oregon, Mumford was released from custody Thursday evening.