Utah County police find driver passed out in vehicle, recover property stolen from 8 victims

Posted at 4:48 PM, Oct 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-30 19:26:19-04

UTAH COUNTY — Police found a man passed out in the driver’s seat of a vehicle trespassing at a trail head Friday morning, and the resulting investigation led to the recovery of stolen property from eight different victims.

Early in the morning on Friday, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office Recreation Team encountered a vehicle trespassing after hours at the Rock Canyon Trailhead, and they approached to find a man passed out in the driver’s seat.

According to Sunday’s press release, police checked records on the driver, identified as 32-year-old Dallas Leon Draper, and they learned the man had several active warrants out for his arrest. During a search, police located a “large piece of heroin” on Draper’s person and a search of the vehicle turned up marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Inside the vehicle police found two driver’s licenses, a vehicle title, and a passport all belonging to persons other than Draper. Police ultimately determined the documents were stolen. Police also found several forged or stolen checks along with various items like backpacks, suitcases and wallets. All told, police said Draper had property that was stolen from eight different victims from all over Utah and Salt Lake counties.

The vehicle Draper was inside was also determined to have been stolen from a Provo FrontRunner station several weeks ago.

Draper was booked on numerous charges relating to drug possession and theft, along with felony charges for possessing identifying documents belonging to other people.