Taylorsville woman offers $500 reward after package stolen off porch

Posted at 6:27 PM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-02 20:27:46-04

TAYLORSVILLE – Tis’ the season for thieves to start snatching packages off porches. That’s what happened to Trisha Montano at her Taylorsville home in broad daylight.

“Yesterday, my step-son got home from school, he was looking forward to getting his new scooter that he just ordered," Montano said.

Montano checked her surveillance camera app on her phone to see if the package arrived.

“I can see that the FedEx guy dropped the package off at 11," she said.

She also discovered another video clip from around noon. That’s when cameras captured a crime in progress. You can see a car pull up to her home, and a man drops a woman off. She walks toward the front porch, grabs the package and takes off.

Inside was a $200 scooter. Montano's 15-year-old step-son saved up money for it for months by doing chores around the house.

Thankfully, it can be replaced, but Montano says she feels violated.

“Having somebody, a thief, going around and looking on your porch: it's scary," she said.

Montano installed the cameras a month ago. She hopes the video will catch someone’s attention.

Unified Police Department personnel are looking for a gold, 4-door Honda. The suspect is a white female in her 50s. She has salt and pepper colored hair, weighs 170 pounds, and was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.

With the holiday season fast approaching, police are reminding people to take precautions when having packages delivered to their home.

“Let people know you're expecting a package, especially if it's very valuable, so they can watch out for each other,” said Detective Ken Hansen with the Unified Police Department.

He added:" “Also, if anyone happens to stop in front of your house or by the house or walks up to the house, jot down the license plate number.”

If you recognize the woman in this video, Call Unified Police at 801-743-7000.