In show of support, volunteers make ribbon pins for fallen WVC officer’s funeral

Posted at 7:00 PM, Nov 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-07 21:00:54-05

OREM, Utah — The loss of West Valley City Police Officer Cody Brotherson is being felt around the state. It hits close to home for officers and their families in Orem.

The Orem Police Women’s Auxiliary group gathered Monday evening to create a small memento for Brotherson’s family and fellow officers.

Tricia Breinholt supervises dispatchers at the Orem Police Department. Today, she’s handling a call to action, dear to her heart.

She is making Thin Blue Line ribbon pins to show her support for Brotherson.

“It's just the smallest, simplest thing,” Breinholt said.

She wants the family to know the law enforcement community mourns with them.

“I have a son that's just a year or so younger than Officer Brotherson who also has, in the past,  said that he would like to go through the police academy and it`s just - as a mom - my heart just goes out to her,” Breinholt said.

Dozens of volunteers pitched in to help make the ribbons, which will go to officers who attend Brotherson's funeral.

“There's dispatchers, there's obviously the wives, moms, sisters, any female that`s a part of an officers life is welcome to come and help us do this.”

They carried out the same act during Officer Doug Barney’s memorial services earlier this year.

“We`re just one little, tiny group of people that are doing it,” said Breinholt. “But there are police associations and wives associations across the state that are donating the exact same time and effort to put into this.”

The women will also make a shroud for Orem police officers to wear over their badges – a way to honor the memory of Officer Brotherson.

It’s an unspoken support they hope will go a long way.

“It's not about us feeling good. It's about us being a part of something to help them in this time. To honor him. To honor his family for the man that they raised," Breinholt said.

If you would like to help the Orem Police Department in this effort, CLICK HERE.