LDS Church takes ‘little factory’ pamphlet out of distribution

Posted at 4:08 PM, Nov 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-15 18:22:13-05

SALT LAKE CITY — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is no longer distributing its “To Young Men Only” pamphlet, which was formerly given to adolescent boys to discourage masturbation.

The pamphlet was based on an October 1976 sermon by Boyd K. Packer, which was given during a General Conference session for men and boys.

In it, Packer used the terms “little factory” in reference to the male reproductive system, “life-giving substance” in reference to semen and “release valve” in reference to nocturnal emission. Packer’s euphemisms have long been the subject of ridicule.

Packer said:

I wish to explain something that will help you understand your young manhood and help you develop self-control. When this power begins to form, it might be likened to having a little factory in your body, one designed to produce the product that can generate life.

This little factory moves quietly into operation as a normal and expected pattern of growth and begins to produce the life-giving substance. It will do so perhaps as long as you live. It works very slowly. That is the way it should be. For the most part, unless you tamper with it, you will hardly be aware that it is working at all.

As you move closer to manhood, this little factory will sometimes produce an oversupply of this substance. The Lord has provided a way for that to be released. It will happen without any help or without any resistance from you. Perhaps, one night you will have a dream. In the course of it the release valve that controls the factory will open and release all that is excess.

LDS Church spokesman Eric Hawkins confirmed the pamphlet has been retired and that the original sermon is still available on the church’s website.