Salt Lake County Recorder’s Office responds to elder abuse complaint

Posted at 5:30 PM, Nov 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-18 19:30:40-05

SALT LAKE COUNTY – Claims of elder abuse at the Salt Lake County Recorder’s Office are now on the radar of the District Attorney, Sim Gill.

Jeremy Roberts is a long-time friend of Gary Ott, the Salt Lake County Recorder. He filed a complaint, saying Ott is being taken advantage of by his assistant, Julie Dole.

Gill tells Fox 13 News he is aware of the complaint and his office is gathering their facts and doing their due diligence.

That’s a huge relief for Roberts. He says over the past year, Ott’s health has been deteriorating and there have been allegations of mental health issues.

“He's a good human being," Roberts said. "He shouldn't be going through this. It's terrible."

Roberts has also filed a police report with the Salt Lake City Police Department. He believes Chief Deputy Recorder, Julie Dole, is covering up for Ott in order to keep her job.

“She's been posting videos on social media, pictures of him at the office, 'Oh it's just another day at the office.' Then we see him before the county council, and he can't remember her name,” Roberts claims.

Dole feels like she is being personally attacked.

“It is concerning, if he's concerned about him, why is he coming after me?" She said.

Dole says Ott had a recurring bout with shingles, and his speech has slowed down, but she said he has been able to fulfill his duties.

“My relationship with Mr. Ott is professional," she said. "I do not inquire about his health. He doesn't openly speak to me about his health."

As it stands now, an elected official cannot be removed from office due to competency concerns. Until then, Dole says she’ll continue her role as assistant.

“It does feel like these are tactics to make sure I'm sullied, and people would think that I'm doing something illegal or wrong, when I'm not," Dole said.

Fox 13 has learned that lawmakers plan on introducing a bill this upcoming legislative session to address this issue.