Hundreds gather to remember Annie Schmidt, daughter of ‘Piano Guys’ musician

Posted at 7:19 PM, Nov 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-22 09:37:08-05

BOUNTIFUL, Utah - Hundreds gathered in Bountiful on Monday to say goodbye to Annie Schmidt, daughter of musician Jon Schmidt of "The Piano Guys."

"She was awesome," said Brady Childs, a friend of the Schmidt family. "She was always super nice and loved anyone she came into contact with."

Annie's dad was the first member of the family to step to the pulpit and address the mourners. He spoke of Annie's ability to bring people together, as well as his faith that he would see her again.

Her brother Spencer, and Annie's sister played a tribute song to Annie.

"She loved music more than anything," Spencer Schmidt said. "She laid down some vocals right before she left to go back to Oregon."

He said he took those vocals and turned them into a complete song, both siblings' vocals recorded in the same track. The song, posted to YouTube less than a week ago, has already generated close to 200,000 hits.

"It's just crazy powerful," Spencer Schmidt said of the song. "I hope it can be a song of encouragement to everybody."

Michelle Schmidt, Annie's mother, spoke last Monday. Reading from a three-page letter Annie had once written to two of her brothers, she gave them pointers on how to spend their high school years. Michelle Schmidt also spoke of her daughter's ability to unite people for a higher cause. Looking around the room full of hundreds, including dozens of people who helped find Annie's body in Oregon, she noted that Annie had done it again.

"Good job honey, I'm proud of you," Michelle Schmidt said.