‘Netflix and Chill’? It could be lowering your sperm count

Posted at 4:25 PM, Nov 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-23 18:38:16-05

You’ve heard of “Netflix and Chill?” It turns out it could be just the opposite.

A new study out of Denmark suggests all that binge-watching could be lowering your sperm count.

According to, men who logged 5 or more hours of TV per day had 29 percent lower sperm concentration and 34 percent lower sperm counts than men who didn’t watch any TV.

So is this the same for all sedentary activity? Apparently not.

Men who played on the computer for the same amount of time didn’t experience a drop in those semen parameters.

Researchers said they can’t yet pinpoint what it is about TV that is so harmful to sperm.

Study coauthor Lærke Priskorn, Ph.D.(c) of the University of Copenhagen said it’s possible all the stillness increases the temperature in the scrotum, which can mess with sperm production.

She said the lack of exercise could also be to blame.

Or it could just be the men who watch a ton of TV are also more likely to be overweight or drink excessively, both of which hurt your sperm, Priskorn notes.

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