Utahns line up on Thanksgiving for shot at Black Friday deals

Posted at 9:29 PM, Nov 24, 2016

SALT LAKE CITY -- Shoppers are gearing up for Black Friday, and some are getting an early start.

“It's Black Friday on Thursday, right? they should call it Black November,” said John Swapp from Lehi.

Tis the season. Bundled up and lining up, these Utahns have one mission: finding the perfect deal after their Thanksgiving meal

“Just trying to burn some extra calories after Thanksgiving dinner,” said Tom Petersen of Salt Lake City.

An onslaught of customers were hustling and bustling at stores across the valley. Some are really serious about this stuff.

The Nielsen family waits hours to be first in line to get the best deals, something they've been doing for ten years.

“My kids just join me, it turned into a family tradition that we all get together and go,” Kelli Nielsen of Herriman said.

Waiting in lines for hours that wrap around the mall.

“Nobody actually likes it, but, it's good,” said Cody Nielsen of Herriman.

Literally shopping till they drop.

“We usually shop until 6 o'clock tomorrow,” Nielsen said.

Others have a less intense method.

“You just have to be patient, just patient,” said Rebecca Stewart of Lehi.

And others are dragged along for the fun

“I made him come,” said Elise Reckenger of Salt Lake City.

“My wife is shopping,” said Greg Powell of South Jordan “I hang out here and guard the grandchildren.”

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