Magnitude 3.2 earthquake reported near Bluffdale

Posted at 9:02 AM, Nov 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-25 19:45:16-05

BLUFFDALE, Utah — The United States Geological Survey reported a magnitude 3.2 earthquake near Bluffdale Friday morning.

According to USGS, the earthquake happened at 8:45, approximately 6.4 kilometers southwest of Bluffdale and at a depth of 10.1 kilometers.

FOX 13 viewers in southern Salt Lake County and several cities in Utah County reported they felt the earthquake. University of Utah Seismology Stations also received hundreds of reports.

"Looks like over 500 people have reported feeling the shaking already today, so [a] little wake-up call today," said Kristine Pankow, Associate Director at University of Utah Seismograph Stations.

Pankow told FOX 13 there are likely to be aftershocks, but they'll probably be too weak to notice.

A "ShakeMap" provided by USGS and based on data from the University of Utah's Seismograph Stations shows the area affected:


As the ShakeMap chart shows, a magnitude 3.2 earthquake is not strong enough to cause damage.

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