Nails in Harrisville roadway cause thousands of dollars in damage

Posted at 6:42 AM, Nov 30, 2016

HARRISVILLE, Utah — People in Harrisville are hoping for some answers after hundreds of nails in the road caused thousands of dollars of damage.

"I'm just hoping we can find out who's responsible because its caused a lot of distress to families - especially close to Christmas,” said Shellyse Pope, a neighbor who had to replace tires.

The nails were found up and down 425 West, right next to a middle school and neighborhood. Drivers couldn't see them due to recent snowfall.

Police said it’s possible the nails fell off a truck, but many neighbors said the timing and placement seem all too suspicious.

“I'm thinking that’s its some kids that are just trying to be funny, maybe, or play a joke,” said Pope.

Pope is just one of many people affected by hundreds of nails found in the road.

“We were trapped - if we wanted to get out of our neighborhood we had to go that way - and where it had just snowed - we didn't know that the nails were there,” said Pope.

Beginning early Monday morning, neighbors who drove down 425 West found nails in their tires.

“Two cars, so eight total tires that had to be replaced. We spent almost $600 dollars,” said Amanda Hardee, a neighbor.

Once the snow started to melt, students from the nearby LDS seminary saw the nails and started cleaning them up. They found hundreds, and people were still finding them Tuesday afternoon.

“There are a few construction jobs going on in the area, anything's possible,” said Harrisville Police Chief Maxwell Jackson.

But many neighbors aren't buying the construction zone theory.

“I pulled up when the kids were picking them up so I saw them on the street," said Hardee. "It wasn't just like a pile - there wasn't like a box anywhere."

Police said they have received over a dozen calls and encourage people affected to file a report.

“If this was intentional - someone's in some pretty big trouble when we find out,” said Chief Jackson.

Police said the thousands of dollars of damage is extensive enough that those responsible could face felony charges.

As neighbors wait for answers as to who may be responsible, Shellyse said her silver lining is seeing the kindness of her neighborhood.

“It’s kind of brought us together, you know, to try to help each other out. We've been truckin' each other back and forth to get our tires replaced,” said Pope.

The city is working with Harrisville police to offer a $500 reward for anyone who can give them information to help them find who's responsible. If you have any information, contact Harrisville PD or Weber County Dispatch.