Community fills campus with love, support after shot fired at Bountiful school

Posted at 7:38 PM, Dec 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-02 21:38:19-05

BOUNTIFUL, Utah -- Students and teachers at Mueller Park Junior High narrowly avoided a tragedy Thursday, but the community made sure that wasn't the focus at school Friday.

Three moms got together and made necklaces with little light bulbs hanging from them to bring light to a dark experience.

Davis County Community Relations Director Chris Williams said that is just one way the community is lifting students' spirits.

"Every entrance has been heart-attacked by members of the community, by students, every locker has a heart on it," Williams said.

Students were welcomed bright and early by the principal, the police chief, and the pep band.

Even though most students went home early Thursday, the vast majority returned to school Friday, including the teacher who intervened and tried to stop the student with the gun.

"As far as the teacher, we can’t say enough about him," Williams said. "He did a great job. The students did a great job."

The 15-year-old is currently in custody facing several charges, but if he is released Williams assures parents he won't be returning to Mueller Park Junior High.

"I'm sure some parents are concerned: Is that student going to return here? That won’t take place," Williams said. "He does have a right to an education."

Twelve counselors were on hand at school Friday morning, but Williams says very few students actually went and saw them.