Orem police say they’ve identified peeping drone operator

Posted at 7:32 PM, Dec 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-05 21:34:35-05

OREM, Utah — Police are closing in on making an arrest on a man they say is using a drone to peek into people's bathroom and bedroom windows.

"We know who he is," said Lieutenant Craig Martinez, Orem Police Department.

Police were able to identify him after video from his drone was recovered by one of his victims.

"He had gotten out of the shower, and heard the humming of the drone," said the wife of a man who discovered the drone flying outside his window. She said he flies drones himself, and recognized the noise.

"He went running outside and as soon as they saw him, he instantly lifted off the air and flew away," she added.

The man followed the drown two blocks away, where it landed at a nearby LDS church.  Police say the drone's pilot was not in the parking lot where the drone landed, but they suspect he was close by.

"When the batteries are getting low, it will fly itself back to where it came from," Lt. Martinez said.

The victim picked up the drone and turned it into police, who were surprised to learn what was on the camera card.

"We came across some pretty disturbing videos and images," Lt. Martinez added. "It appears that whoever is flying the drone, was using it at times to view into people's bedrooms or bathrooms."

Police say they know the identity of the pilot but, until they locate and arrest him, they are keeping that information private.

However, they did confirm that the pilot has previously been convicted of voyeurism for looking over the changing stalls at tanning salons.