Mountain View High stabbing suspect was ‘elated,’ brought several knives to school, search warrant says

Posted at 2:03 PM, Dec 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-05 16:09:01-05

OREM, Utah — A search warrant unsealed Monday provides new details about the November 15 stabbings at Mountain View High School.

According to the search warrant, the 16-year-old suspect was reported to be “elated” as he was attacking different students around the men’s locker room and gymnasium. Police said the suspect injured five students before turning the knife on himself.

“From the information your affiant was able to obtain there were no warning signs or precursor behaviors from [the suspect]to explain such actions,” the detective who requested the search warrant wrote.

The search warrant also has information on the suspect’s interview with Orem police detectives.

“[The suspect]stated he has had suicidal and harmful thoughts since a very young age. [He] planned this attack and implemented it several days ago.  [He] stated he brought five knives and a wooden staff to commit the crimes,” the search warrant said. “[The suspect] stabbed each victim in the neck and was surprised at the victims (sic) reactions to the stabbing.”

The suspect used his mother’s laptop computer, his tablet computer and his cellphone “to look at you tube (sic) and communicate his plan,” the search warrant said.

A judge granted the search warrant, which authorized law enforcement officials to enter the suspect’s home and seize any weapons, suicide notes, documentation relating to the attacks and any electronic storage media such as hard drives, tablets, cellphones, “or any other electronic items capable of storing, receiving, or transmitting information.”

Six students, including the suspect, were injured in the attacks. No one was killed. FOX 13 is not identifying the suspect because he is a minor.