Cause undetermined after six students pass out at West Valley City charter school

Posted at 6:52 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-12 20:52:08-05

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah -- Six students at a West Valley City charter school passed out Monday, prompting a classroom to be shut down, but so far the cause remains undetermined.

The students were in the choir room at American Preparatory Academy’s West Valley Two Campus when they passed out, and afterwards firefighters responded to conduct hazardous material testing.

Those firefighters didn’t find anything that would explain the incident, and tests by Questar Gas came back normal for carbon monoxide levels.

A few students left early, and some were checked out by doctors. But what caused them to pass out remains a mystery.

For parents at American Preparatory Academy, it was an alarming email to receive.

"When they woke up they were clammy and felt really ill,” one parent said, reading from the email.

The letter says in all, five students in the choir room, “passed out for about a minute.”

A sixth student and a teacher would later pass out as well. School Director Cindy Barrs said they working to determine what happened.

“We did call paramedics, we called HVAC, we called a couple of different companies to come check things out,” she said.

Tests came back all clear, with no high levels of carbon monoxide or other potentially harmful gases.

"Two of them were actually seen by their doctor, who gave them the all clear,” Barrs said. “The others, parents have been monitoring and they are feeling much better this afternoon."

Despite loving the school, not every parent is feeling better.

“They're saying that they can't find anything in the school, that bothers me,” one parent told Fox 13.

The Salt Lake County Health Department said the school passed its annual inspection without problems, but they will send an inspector Tuesday. The school will also be installing extra carbon monoxide detectors, just to be on the safe side.