Grandmas added to police force in ‘G-Unit’

Posted at 11:56 AM, Dec 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-21 14:06:34-05

CHARLESTON, WV - It's called the "G-Unit," and in this case, the "G" stands for grandma.

Eleven grandmothers were sworn in to the "Grandma Unit," as their shirts say, this week in West Virginia.

Now, they aren't going to be on the streets arresting people or making traffic stops but they are ready to hit the ground running with one mission.

They are going to be busy spreading love and hugs, something these grandmas say you can never have too much.

"Sometimes I'm not feeling good or I'm feeling low and somebody will give me a hug and I'll feel better and then I'll share my hug with someone else," G-Unit's Karen Smith said.

The members of the Grandma Unit understand how important spreading love is because, at one point during their, lives all 11 women were victims of elder abuse or domestic violence.

So if you get flagged by the G-Unit, put down your phone, stop what you're doing and get ready for a hug.