Murray man says burglary caught on camera just one of several crimes in neighborhood

Posted at 6:43 PM, Jan 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-14 23:42:37-05

MURRAY, Utah – A Murray man said he awoke to find burglars had ransacked his garage Saturday morning while his family was sleeping--and it was all caught on camera.

But, the suspects accidentally left behind some belongings.

His security cameras also picked up the actions of the two suspects outside his home that has led to a police investigation in the neighborhood.

"Every little thing got gone through," Chris Eyring said Saturday afternoon, watching security camera footage on his laptop.

He played out clips from around 2 a.m., when he said two men spent 45 minutes rummaging through his garage.

"There's the bags, medical pack," he said, pointing out a backpack one of the suspects was wearing, that Eyring said was stolen from inside his truck.

The video shows it all: the two looking at the shelves with flashlights, opening and searching bags, quietly walking around the vehicles.

"They went around that side of the truck and you can see them with flashlights inside the truck," he explained.

He said they made off with a generator, TV, medical supplies, a backpack and more. In fact, he's still tallying it up.

"We're probably going to continue to notice some stuff, but most of it was pretty big gear," he said.

Eyring said it was scary to see criminals in his garage.

"It was very, very risky to come here," he said. "I'm more concerned about having maybe run into these guys."

The security camera footage shows the suspects carrying out all the items through the gate, and around the corner to a car.

Several cameras set up outside the home show the two walking across the street. At one point, one of the men goes inside the neighbor's car and uses a flashlight to look around.

"The security footage shows in the same two people in the neighbor's yard, in the neighbor's vehicle, checking garage doors across the street, and we find out later that they've been further down the street," Eyring said.

A neighbor of Eyring's said off camera that she found stuff stolen from her car, and she reported it to police.

Murray Police confirmed they took two other burglary reports aside from Eyring's, though they couldn't say if it was all connected.

As Eyring went through his garage Saturday, he made another discovery.

"The hat and the coat were actually both in the back of the truck here," he said, pointing to the bed of his truck.

One of the burglars left behind his clothing, and Eyring showed off pieces of hair still in the hat.

Plus he said they, "Dropped an envelope full of little figures that are for online gaming of some sort."

He said he is keeping it as evidence for detectives, and will turn in all of his video in hopes it'll help police catch the suspects.

Eyring said his gate and door to his garage were unlocked at the time, and since the burglary he has secured his entire home as well as changed his security camera settings to notify him anytime someone enters or leaves the garage.