Thousands attend women’s march in Park City amid nationwide movement

Posted at 10:56 AM, Jan 21, 2017

PARK CITY, Utah -- Thousands of people attended a march in support of women's rights organized by comedian Chelsea Handler in Park City Saturday.

The march coincides with several women's marches across the country as a protest against the agenda of President Donald Trump in the wake of his inauguration Friday. A massive crowd in the thousands gathered at the National Mall for the Women's March in Washington.

The event in Park City also falls during the same time as the Sundance Film Festival, which brings many from Hollywood to Utah. Handler attended the march along with other stars like Kirsten Stewart, Nick Offerman and Charlize Theron.

Nick Offerman tweeted this photo from the march:

The Facebook posting for the march described it as, "a stand in solidarity with the rest of our country in demonstrating our respect for freedom, human rights, our safety and health, and in recognizing that the diversity of our country is our greatest strength."

Thousands of people attended the march, some of whom were here for the Sundance Film Festival like Ty Whittington, who is from New York.

"I love the energy here, and I'm always pro women, so I believe in women sticking together, and, just, you know, empowering each other so it would only be right that I be here," she said.

Justin Bosley also marched.

"I'm here to support women because it's their march, and the point of that is that it's important to support all people," he said.

Some activists were delayed by traffic and the winter weather, but even if they missed the march itself they still made their voice heard.

"We left Salt lake around 7 or so, maybe 6:45, and made it up here at like 10:15, 11 o’clock," Shauna Ehninger said. "So we decided to protest anyways just because its important for [President Trump] to know that he needs to listen to the people."

Crystal Whittington said snow couldn't dampen their spirits.

"It was so much energy, regardless of the weather," she said.

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