Graphic Content: Body cam video from Abdi Mohamed shooting released

Posted at 4:19 PM, Jan 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-24 10:32:24-05

WARNING: Graphic Video

SALT LAKE CITY — Police body camera video (above) has been released in the case of a teenager shot by Salt Lake City officers outside the downtown homeless shelter last year.

On Monday, Abdi Mohamed was in court for a probable cause hearing. The man police say was being attacked by Mohamed, Kelly McRae, testified in the case.

"He came to me and I asked him for a joint," said McRae.

However, McRae said Mohamed offered him something else, that looked like crystal meth.

"I had $1.10 and he said let me have that money," said McRae. "He continued to pester me and say I want that money give me that money."

McRae said he gave Mohamed an aluminum broom handle he had found in the trash as a sort of peace offering. That's when he said Mohamed and another man, who was also carrying some sort of pipe, began to threaten him. He said Mohamed started taking swings.

"The arm, the back, the leg, a good four or five full home run hits," said McRae.

McRae said he tried to run away and that's when police showed up.

In the first body cam video you can see officers running toward the confrontation. One man, who appeared to be holding some sort of metal object, immediately dropped it when he saw police. Mohamed just kept on walking toward McRae even though police yelled for him to stop at least ten different times.

"Drop it, drop it, put it down, put it down, drop it now," yelled police in the video.

Following the shots, one of the officers pushed McRae to the ground as he continued to yell at Mohamed, who was wounded.

Salt Lake County has ruled the officers justified in the shooting. As for Abdi Mohamed, he remains in a wheelchair. He is facing multiple charges including possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and aggravated robbery with the use of a dangerous weapon.

Mohamed is due back in court on February 27th for a retention hearing, when a judge will decide whether or not he'll be tried as an adult. Mohamed is now 18 years old.