Roy Police investigating robberies at two businesses, suspects captured on camera

Posted at 10:47 PM, Jan 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-25 09:46:49-05

ROY, Utah – Police are investigating two break-in’s that happened in Roy Saturday.

The break-ins under investigation, according to police, happened at the Rainbow Saloon and another at the Golden Spike Elks Lodge.

Police said the suspect at the Rainbow Saloon busted a window around 3 a.m.

Surveillance video shows the suspect entering the Saloon and knocking things down.

“When we came in everything was ripped apart. The drawers were open. Everything was... all the cabinets were torn off,” Julie Arthur, owner of The Rainbow Saloon, said.

According to Arthur, the suspect also damaged the cash register.

If it weren’t for the alarm that went off 11 minutes later, Arthur said, the suspect could have taken off with their money.

“There were bolt cutters next to the safe, which I`m sure he was going to use to cut open the safe,” said Arthur.

Arthur believes the suspect is a young man, about 5’9.

In the surveillance video, the suspect had a cloth over his face. He was wearing a white hat, white sweatshirt and jeans.

Police followed his tracks in the snow outside the saloon, and believe he was picked up by someone in a car.

“It`s just so creepy. You feel so violated,” said Arthur.

The Golden Spike Elks Lodge was also robbed.

Tuesday morning the suspect allegedly broke into the Golden Spike Elks Lodge and attacked a janitor, according to Gay Dixon with the Golden Spike Elks Lodge.

“The person who was robbing us pushed him over and knocked him flat,” said Dixon.

The suspect got away and didn’t hurt the janitor.

But Dixon said the thief managed to bust open their safe and take off with their money.

“We help the veterans, we do Christmas Charity, we help the homeless, veterans and here we are broken into. That`s the sad thing.” Dixon said.

While there may be similarities, Roy City Police aren't sure the two are related.

Both owners hope the person is caught before someone gets hurt.

If you recognize the suspect, have any info about this case, call police at 801-774-1011.