Logan residents asked to limit water use as flooding fills sewage system to capacity

Posted at 4:30 PM, Feb 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-11 19:28:47-05

UPDATE: Logan City announced Saturday they are no longer asking residents to avoid using water entirely, but rather to limit their use by taking short showers and limiting loads of dishes and laundry. While limiting use is encouraged, there are no longer any formal restrictions in place as of Saturday evening.

The sewage system is still at 2-3 times its normal flows, which the city said is an improvement over Friday’s condition. The request to limit water use applies to all areas serviced by the system, which includes Smithfield, Hyde Park, Nibley, North Logan, Providence, River Heights and Utah State University.

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NORTHERN UTAH — Roads were closed in northern Utah due to flooding Friday, and several cities are asking residents not to use their water because sewage systems have reached capacity.

Logan City tweeted shortly before 6 p.m., stating that the city’s sewage system is at capacity. Residents are being asked not to flush, do laundry, take showers or do dishes in the interim. This includes residents at Utah State University and those who live in Smithfield, Hyde Park, Nibley, North Logan, Providence and River Heights.

Nibley City also took to Twitter, asking residents to postpone laundry, dishes, flushing and showers due to the sewer system reaching maximum capacity. An alert on the city’s website also urged residents to pump floodwater into the street rather than into the sewer system.

According to a press release from Cache County Friday, the following roads are closed or washed out:

  • Smithfield Canyon Road
  • Ivan’s Hollow (High Creek Road) Cove
  • 1400 South from 3200 West to 3600 West
  • 5400 West from Mendon Road to 2400 South, Mendon
  • 1100 East/1400 East from 11800 North to 11600 North in Richmond
  • 1800 South from 2400 West to 3200 West, Young Ward
  • Mendon Road from 3200 West to 5400 West, Mendon
  • 4600 North from 800 West to 1600 West, Smithfield

Several other roads are not closed but are under “Extreme Caution Advisories”:

  • Yonk/Baker Loop Road (000 and 600 North), Mendon
  • 3200 West from Mendon Road to 2200 South, Young Ward
  • 3800 West from 2200 South, Young Ward
  • East Canyon Road, Avon
  • 2400 West south of 3400 North, North Logan

In Hyrum, the Bureau of Reclamation is monitoring the Hyrum Dam due to high reservoir flow and the high likelihood of increased water releases from the dam. Reclamation issued an emergency Action Plan Response Level I Friday, which is the least serious of three response levels.

“This action is a precautionary and responsible measure to ensure proper communication among response and management agencies, as well as appropriate monitoring during this high inflow event,” said Wayne Pullan, Reclamation’s Provo Area Office Manager. “There is no foreseeable threat at this time to public safety or property.”

Visit Cache County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook for updates on road closures and other advisories. 

In Box Elder County, deputies confirm Nevada State Route 233/Utah State Route 30 breached about one mile west of the Utah-Nevada border, and Union Pacific Rail Road tracks were also compromised. Friday officials said the highway and UPPR grade are both closed with an unknown date of repair.

Pilot Mountain Road is impassable from south of Lucin.

The Auto Tour Loop near Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge is closed due to water issues. The refuge itself is also closed.

4400 West in Elwood City has experienced some sluffing on the road shoulder. The road is not compromised at this time but is being monitored.

Naf Road is open to high profile vehicles only, as water is crossing in several areas. Despite efforts to shore those areas up with rocks, the roads are still beginning to wash out.

There are reports of water running over 25600 North in Snowville.

Cutler Dam has increased their release of water, and the flow is currently at 6,500 cubic feet per second. That flow could peak at 9000 CFS by Sunday.

Visit Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook for updates on road closures and other advisories. 

There were also homes flooded in Garden City after a canal breach.