Students arrange flowers and bake treats for Valentine’s Day

Posted at 8:10 PM, Feb 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-14 22:10:50-05

SALT LAKE COUNTY – Students with and without disabilities of Granite School District prep, cook and work in the Jones Center Gift Shop year-round.

Alison Milne,  principal of Granite Transition Services, said students work with products they learn how to make and provide out of the Jones Center Gift Shop.

This time, Milne said,  students focused on Valentine's Day.

“Most of our students do have disabilities. They're coming there and trying to learn about different vocational to see if they have an interest,” Milne said.

Milne said students have filled orders for the Valentine's Day rush, including flowers and Valentine's Day treats.

“We did items from our bakery. We did cookie kits. Where we had sugar cookies people could take home and frost them and sprinkle them,” said Milne.

After production, students work in the gift shop.

Patti White is a loyal customer.

“It's really touching if you go over to the Jones Center and you see the kids that are making these things. They decorated me a tree at Christmas. They're just special because kids are making them," White said.

Students can also earn a science credit by studying in the school’s greenhouse, Milne said.

“They learn everything from the beginning to the end. In terms of propagating to make planter boxes,” said Milne. “They sell their planter boxes in the gift shop.”

According to Milne, The ultimate goal is to give them skills they can pursue beyond high school.

“We really deem it a success when students not only acquire the skills but can also use those skills to get a job,” said Milne.

The Jones Center Gift shop is located at 382 E. 3605 South in Salt Lake and it's open to the public.

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