Surveillance video captures moments before fatal street racing crash in SLC

Surveillance video captures moments before fatal street racing crash in SLC
Posted at 9:29 PM, Feb 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-18 16:44:45-05

SALT LAKE CITY -- There is now security video of the seconds that led up to a deadly crash on 300 West Thursday morning.

The video is from a gas station on 600 North 300 West. You can see two vehicles racing by at 70 miles per hour, according to police. West High School seniors Vidal Pacheco and Dylan Hernandez were in the blue Chevy Impala. Seconds later they were dead.

Their car lost control, crossed over the center median, and crashed head-on into a red Honda Pilot.

"It was very, very fast that the damage to the vehicles were really incredible and significant because of that high-speed," said Detective Richard Chipping with the Salt Lake City Police Department.

The third teen in the Chevy Impala was the driver, Abraham Miranda, also a senior at West High School. Police said he suffered some broken bones, and once released from the hospital he could be facing charges.

"There is definitely that potential," Chipping said. "I know blood draws were involved to look at whether any drugs or alcohol was involved in the situation as well."

The other car captured on video racing actually left the scene. That driver was located on Friday. All police are saying is that it's a student and that student also under investigation.

"Any person, you're kind of expected to stop, but legally if you are involved in an accident like they possibly were, then they would need to stop," Chipping said.

As for the red Honda Pilot, 32-year-old Amy Stevenson Wilson was driving that car. She was eight months pregnant. Wilson was taken to the hospital, where an emergency C-Section was performed.

Wilson's father, Todd Stevenson, released this statement on behalf of the family:

"We are very grateful for hundreds of people who have reached out to us giving us love and support. Our daughter has had serious injuries and the medical staff at the U are working tirelessly to help. She has had several surgeries and continues to be in the ICU. She delivered a baby girl yesterday (via c-section) and she is in the NICU at the U also. It is still too early to tell how things are going to play out, but we are hopeful that they will recover. We are very grateful for the expertise and caring support of the Salt Lake City police and the medical personnel at the University Hospital."