Eagle Mountain Family adopts baby with Down Syndrome from Texas

Posted at 8:50 PM, Feb 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-21 14:54:56-05

EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah -- An Eagle Mountain family is finally home from Texas after adopting a baby boy with Down syndrome, and they couldn't be more thrilled.

“It’s bittersweet, we've had our moments, though he's not Max, it's okay. He's Maguell and he's an addition to our family that has brought such a happiness and a joy,” said Nisha Murray, mother.

Before Maguell was adopted, his older brother Max died one year ago, according to Nisha.

“We found out at the middle of May that our sweet little Max would be coming with an extra chromosome and that didn't concern us,” said Nisha.

Hours after Max was born, he needed open heart surgery, said the family, but eventually, he was able to go home for a few months.

The family says Max loved fire trucks and had a strong and happy spirit, even when they knew he wasn’t feeling well.

According to the family, they and their community wear red to remember Max.

“Max just thrived the best that he could,” said Nisha.

After just a few months of spreading his love, Max suffered a blood clot. He was rushed to the OR, said Steven Murray, father, where he passed away.

Instead of a funeral, the family decided to remember Max by a celebrating his life.

“His celebration was just amazing I mean it was just packed, with so many people. Nisha said he touched lives and he only knew a fraction of them, most people only knew him through Facebook and social media,” said Steven.

Despite their grief, Nisha says she felt Max still with her, sending her a message.

“Kept saying momma, don't forget my brother, momma don't forget my brother,” said Nisha.

They started a long adoption process but quickly found their missing piece, in Texas.

“And as soon as I saw Maguell, we knew, that Max had directed us through the Lord to bring his brother home,” Nisha.

Steven wanted to make it clear that Maguell was not a replacement, just an addition.

“This is different, it's a new journey, Maguell is home with us, so you know he’s another brother,” said Maguell’s older sister.

To support the family, check out their page here.