Magna man arrested after allegedly hiding cameras in St. George home

Posted at 5:42 PM, Feb 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 11:47:30-05

SAINT GEORGE, Utah — A Magna man was arrested on Saturday by police after allegedly hiding cameras in a St. George home.

James Larsen, 39, faces charges of three counts of child pornography, a class of voyeurism and a third-degree felony of voyeurism.

Police said investigators were called to a home on Caledonia Dunes Dr. in St. George after the residents of the home found two hidden cameras in an upstairs bathroom.

One of the cameras was hidden behind the toilet, pointing towards the shower, police said, and the other was hidden behind a trash can and pointed where a person could walk to the shower.

Police contacted the homeowners who stated they had not put the cameras in the home and gave permission for the investigators to collect the cameras. According to police, both the cameras and the SD cards were collected.

The renters later called investigators, stating James Larsen admitted to placing the cameras in the home. Larsen was already acquainted with the St. George family and admitted to investigators that he bought the cameras with the expressed intent to see his sister-in-law nude, police said.

Larsen refused to consent to a search of the SD cards, police said, so a warrant was drafted and approved.

The SD cards had several videos of adult women using the bathroom and two videos of two boys, who were under the age of ten years old, according to police. One of the videos had one child, the other had two, police said.

Larsen was released from police custody on a $36,950 bail pending trial, police said.

The article first appeared in St George news.