Alpine woman reunited with long-lost memories on birthday

Posted at 10:33 PM, Feb 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 09:45:57-05

ALPINE, Utah -- An Alpine woman got a surprise birthday gift more than six years in the making.

Sarah Abbott lost her camera during a party for her son Kale's eighth birthday. The party had been at Creekside Park in Alpine, not far from her home.

“We drove back to the park and looked and looked and looked for the camera and never found it," Abbott said.

The camera never turned up.

On Monday, the city of Alpine posted to social media a picture of a smiling family of six. It was from a camera that had been in their "lost and found" bin. They were asking for help reuniting the pictures with the rightful owner and sent Fox 13 News over two-hundred images in hopes a news story would help find the owner.

Buried in the photos was a single picture of Sarah Abbott wearing a name tag.

“This is at Woman's conference, I was asked to be over a service project and we were making flowers for cancer patients hats," Abbott said of the photo.

Monday night, with the photos on a thumb drive, Fox 13 News went to Abbott's home and reunited her with the long-lost images. The timing couldn't have been better. Monday was Sarah's birthday.

"No one else could have given me this present today of all these memories back, so it is definitely a big birthday present for me," said Abbott.

Memories lost for over six years, finally home.