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Job Interview Outfit Do’s and Don’ts

Posted at 11:26 AM, Mar 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 13:26:32-05

Elisa Garn, director of Recruiting for Prince Perelson, shares how you can dress to impress for your next job interview.

Job Interview Fashion Tips

Where to start:

  1. Understand the type of dress appropriate in your industry.
  2. Wear clothes that fit well.
  3. Check yourself in the mirror before you leave.
  4. Whatever you wear, be sure the focus is on you and not your clothes.

DO's for Women:

  • Simple classic colors work best such as black, gray, white, tan or beige
  • Heels are ok but no more than 3 inches - You should be able to walk and sit comfortably
  • A well fitted suit is a great way to reflect professionalism and confidence without distracting from conversation
  • Jewelry, if worn, should be muted and basic - small pearls or stud earrings do well and/or a simple, thin necklace
  • Wear pieces that make you feel confident
  • Sleeveless dresses or tops are not recommended without a jacket or sweater, even during the summer
  • Nylons are advised if wearing a skirt

DO's for Men:

  • Facial hair should be neatly trimmed or clean shaven
  • Suit should be neatly pressed and tailored to fit
  • Tie should be understated and neutral - You don`t want to be remembered as 'the guy with the bright orange tie'
  • Dress shoes should be polished/clean
  • Choose your socks wisely - Although you might not see them while walking, they usually do show when sitting and can be a big distraction. As a rule of thumb, match your socks to the color of your belt
  • Wear a dress shirt under the suit jacket that coordinates well, so you can remove the jacket during the interview if needed to stay comfortable


  • Revealing clothing that shows too much
  • Large/statement jewelry pieces, especially if they make noise when you walk or move
  • Excessively long fingernails, ungroomed/trimmed finger/toenails
  • Loud prints or bright colors
  • Too much or bright colored make-up
  • Clothing with holes or stains (even if they are supposed to be there)
  • Shorts are never appropriate for an interview. Capris are also not advised, even for smart casual environments
  • Leggings or other skin tight items are too casual for an interview
  • Transparent, bulky or mismatched clothing
  • It's strongly recommended to cover tattoos and piercings during an interview