Police: Suspect wanted in violent sexual assaults at Wal-Mart in Millcreek

Posted at 1:21 PM, Mar 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 23:39:54-05

MILLCREEK, Utah - Unified Police are asking for the public’s help arresting a violent predator.

They said a man went into a Wal-Mart in Millcreek last month and sexually assaulted three different women within minutes before he ran away.

"It is weird, it's a nice neighborhood, and you just kind of think that those things don't happen here," said Teresa Larsen.

Larsen shops at the Millcreek Wal-Mart on 900 East on a weekly basis. She's so glad she wasn't there on February 19, when a man attacked a woman inside the lady's room.

"It's scary for women everywhere," Larsen said. "It's scary for my daughters. It's just scary for anybody that just comes to the grocery store on a normal day."

Unified Police said the woman was able to fight him off and get away.

"I don't know how she did that, but that's amazing for her to do that," Luana Quest said. "I don't know if other women would of had that bravery if that would have happened to them."

The suspect then left the bathroom and groped two women on the way out of the store. Police said that’s when an employee stepped in.

"A store employee tried to stop him, but he threw a big bottle of beer at him, at the employee, and he was able to jump through a window," said Lt. Brian Lohrke of UPD.

Quest said this is a wake-up call, considering she often shops with her two young children.

“I mean I come here all the time, I've never heard of this happening here, so that's kind of scary," Quest said. "I feel like I'm scared to come here by myself."

Others said it might be time to start carrying some sort of protection.

"I keep thinking I should buy something to put in my purse, but I haven't yet," said Marleen Neal.

Police said if you have any information on the suspect you are being asked to call 801-743-7000.

"It's just not acceptable, not in any neighborhood, not anywhere, so yeah: I'd like to see him caught," Larsen said.