PETA billboard warns owners to keep cats inside

Posted at 10:58 PM, Mar 13, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY --  PETA plans to erect a billboard in northern Utah to warn owners the dangers of letting their cats roam outside.

PETA says the billboard is a reaction to the alleged brutal torture of Sage the cat who went missing for days last week.

The feline's family found him with hot glue burns to his eyes, skin and other sensitive areas, he had several broken bones and facial fractures. Despite efforts to save Sage, he died the day after he returned home.

“It's certain this cat was terrified and suffered unimaginably as his sick abusers did awful things to him,” said Katie Arth, Spokesperson PETA, Los Angeles.

Sage's story shocked the community and the world.

“We really want this case to represent the severity of what was done to this cat and not blow it off as just 'hey it was a cat, that was unfortunate.' this was a very serious crime,” said Deann Shepherd, spokesperson for the Humane Society of Utah.

The reward is growing by the thousands, reaching $50,925 for information leading to the arrest.

PETA is using this chance as a learning experience reminding owners to keep their cats inside.

“People are right to be upset about what happened to this cat. People who harm animals rarely do so once and often go on to hurt humans too,” Arth said. “The awful abuse of this cat is a sad and somber reminder that we are responsible for protecting our animals and dogs and cats rely on us completely to keep them safe."

The Humane Society of Utah says they’re grateful for the overwhelming support from across the world.

“It does stir up the emotions to think of how many people care about this one family and our hearts go out to the family for what they've been through the children in the home that were exposed to this,” Shepherd said.