Holladay residents gather to hear update on plans for Cottonwood Mall site

Posted at 9:44 PM, Mar 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-16 23:44:13-04

HOLLADY, Utah -- Around 60 people from the Holladay community got an update on plans for the old Cottonwood Mall site Thursday evening.

The mall was torn down years ago, and the last store left, Macy's, just closed to make way for new development.

Ivory Companies, which owns Ivory Homes, is set to buy the property from the current owner. In order to do so, they must come up with a plan that the city and community approve of.

At Thursday's meeting, an Ivory spokesperson gave an extensive history of the site, and talked of how a mall concept no longer works in today's economy.

In the past the company said they could look at a mix of residential and commercial development for the site. However, they don't have concrete plans yet.

"Where we're at right now, is they are very actively pursuing a plan that they think will work for the market and work for our community," said Holladay City Mayor Rob Dahle.

He said he expects to hear the official proposal from Ivory Companies for the site in two to three months.

After that, the city would go through a public process that would include comments before making a decision, Dahle said.

Thursday night's meeting also involved updates on other building and park projects around Holladay, including a condominium building, a park and a new Harmons.