Ogden Police release videos from fatal officer-involved shooting

Posted at 9:33 PM, Mar 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-17 23:35:24-04

OGDEN, Utah -- Dramatic videos released Friday show a deadly officer-involved shooting in Ogden In February.

In police body camera footage and building surveillance, you can see and hear what happened during those tense moments on February 21.

Ogden Police said an officer patrolling a parking garage on 23rd Street just before midnight came upon two men acting suspicious. When confronted, police said the men ran from officers.

Video surveillance picks it up from there.

You can see one of those suspects, later identified as 25-year old Bartolo Justice Sombrano, stop and turn around, before pointing a handgun at the two officers.

One of the officers immediately fires shots, hitting and killing Sombrano.

In body camera footage, you can hear the officer yell, "Let me see your hands!" right before Sombrano raises the gun.

At that point, the officer screams,"No, no, no!" and then he fires his gun at Sombrano.

Later, that same officer checks Sombrano's vitals and says, "I'm not feeling a pulse."

Sombrano died at the scene.

After that, the officer explains, "He pulled a gun on us," and later as the officer walks away he's heard saying, "He pointed it right at me, dude."

Police arrested the second suspect that night, Zachary Scott Clark.

Upon the video's release, Ogden Police would not say anything about what was contained in it.

"It can comment for itself," said Lieutenant Brian Eynon.

However, he did say that the internal investigation is over, and it found no policy violations.

He said they are not releasing the officers' identity, and said the two officers are now back at work.

"They're real events, and the officers did a fantastic job in the response in what occurred," he said.

At the time of the shooting, Sombrano was a known gang member wanted on several felony warrants, and wanted for questioning in a February home invasion.

Lt. Eynon said the Weber County Attorney's Office is still in the process of conducting its own investigation into the shooting.

See below for the videos released by the Ogden Police Department. Fox 13 News has not altered the clips, but some elements have been blurred by police.

WARNING: The videos below show footage of a fatal shooting. Viewer discretion is advised.