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Make healthy eating simple and easy with this step-by-step meal prep guide

Posted at 2:51 PM, Mar 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-20 16:51:43-04

Paige Kimball from ChopChop Girl shared with us her step-by-step meal prep guide.

Shopping List

Ingredients for Berry Overnight Oat Parfait Jar (5 servings):

  • Gluten free oats (30 oz)
  • Almond milk (22 oz)
  • Yogurt (Greek, almond, or 20 oz)
  • Berries, any combination (20 oz)
  • Almonds (5 oz)
  • Chia, and or toasted coconut (5 oz)

Ingredients for Grilled Southwest Chicken Jar (5 servings):

  • Zucchini (1.25 lbs.)
  • Red bell peppers (5 oz)
  • Cherry tomatoes (5 oz)
  • Organic Chicken Breast (40 oz)
  • Pico de Gallo (10 oz)
  • Quinoa (10 oz dry)
  • Southwest Marinade (one bottle)

Other Ingredients:

  • Flavorings for oats-vanilla extract
  • Flavoring for yogurt-berry
  • Mix-in for quinoa: Small can or bag of frozen southwest veggie blend
  • Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt/Black Pepper


Now that you have purchased your groceries AND a set of pint-sized glass mason jars (16 oz each), it's time to make sure your kitchen is clean and stocked with the right tools for prepping.
Do You Have...

  • A tenderizer for pounding chicken?
  • A large bowl for soaking oats?
  • A colander for rinsing berries?
  • A small fry pan for toasting almonds?
  • A large mixing spoon for stirring yogurt and spooning ingredients into jars?
  • A wide mouth funnel to help sides of jars stay clean?
  • A grill or preheated oven for cooking chicken?
  • Metal or silicone tongs for turning meat?
  • A second large bowl for marinating chicken?
  • A rice cooker or sauce pan with lid for cooking quinoa?
  • A steamer or pan insert for steaming zucchini?
  • A baking sheet for roasting veggies?
  • Extra spoons for stirring: wooden, metal
  • Nice but not necessary: large ladle for transferring quinoa, yogurt and oats into jars


1. Get It Wet! (Best If Done The Night Before)

  • Pound raw chicken while still in package with meat tenderizer, transfer to large bowl and pour just enough southwest marinade to completely coat chicken; cover and set aside
  • Pour almond milk over dry oats and add vanilla flavoring and a pinch of sea salt; set aside
  • Add water to quinoa and turn rice cooker ON or begin cooking according to instructions
  • Wash and drain produce (zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, berries)

2. Dry It Out!

  • Get that chicken grilling! (You have 6-8 minutes per side so roasting and toasting can be done between sides)
  • Roast veggies by chopping red peppers into 1' chunks and zucchini into .5 inch disks and coating with a little olive oil and sea salt (30 min in 400 degree oven); stir once
  • Toast Nuts in fry pan, continually stirring over medium heat till brown

Flavor It!

  • Flavor Yogurt by stirring flavor directly into yogurt containers
  • Take chicken off grill and if desired toss in some fresh marinade from the bottle; let it rest while arranging jars for filling

4. Contain It!

  • Place clean, two sets of ten open mason jars on counter.
  • Place all ingredients in order of filling for each recipe on counter in assembly line fashion:
  • STATION ONE: Ten jars>Soaked oats>flavored yogurt>dry berries>toasted nuts/coconut/chia near first ten jars
  • STATION TWO: Ten jars>Cooked quinoa>cubed chicken>pico>roasted veggies
  • Using wide mouth funnel, place measured amount of each ingredient in jar in succession
  • When jars are filled, wipe rims with warm wet cloth and screw on lid; label if desired