Utah couple shares their story after getting stuck on London Eye above scene of terror attack

Posted at 9:23 PM, Mar 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-23 08:31:53-04

LONDON --  A Salt Lake City couple shot video overlooking the aftermath of Wednesday’s terror attack in London.

Taylor and Kody Davis are in London on vacation and got stuck on the top of the London Eye (a large Ferris wheel on the River Thames) for three hours watching the chaos below.

“Right when we got to the top we just started to see, I mean, it looked like a small car accident," Taylor Davis said.

Nearly 500 feet above the city, Taylor and Kody were trapped inside the London Eye watching chaos unfold on the streets.

“It went to 0 to 100 almost instantly, and that's when everyone started panicking and wondering what was happening,” Taylor Davis said.

They were trapped in the capsule for three hours with no idea what was happening below.

A driver had crushed pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge, then stabbed and killed a police officer outside Parliament.

“All the sudden all these cops cars started coming in, and cop car, after cop car, after cop car, a big line of ambulances--and they just basically cleared out the entire bridge,” Taylor Davis said.

Then Taylor turned her focus to the crowds.

“It was scary, it was super scary,” Taylor Davis said. “We could still see so many people running, and we could see there was just so many ambulances, and so many stretchers.”

Finally an announcement was made over the speakers inside the capsule.

“There was an incident on the ground, told everyone not to panic and that's all they said; we ended up being stuck up there for 3 hours,” Taylor Davis said.

With the area blocked off, police escorted Taylor and Kody and dozens of others off the London Eye.

“Once we got to the bottom, that's when all the emotion set in,” Taylor said.

That's when the "what if's" flooded Taylor’s mind, as less than an hour before the attack they had been in that spot.

“We were on one of those double-decker tour buses and we were like, should we get off here, should we not get off here, and we ended up keeping going... What if we would have decided to get off right there?" Davis said.

Taylor says they were able to call their parents while on the London Eye to let them know they were OK. She said all afternoon she has been overwhelmed with texts from family and friends saying they're grateful and happy she and her husband weren't hurt.