Surveillance cameras show intruder entering home in Herriman

Posted at 10:15 PM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-24 00:15:12-04

HERRIMAN, Utah -- With cell phone in hand, Lori Pimm says she had 911 pre-dialed on the screen as her thumb hovered over it.

She was nervous after hearing her two dogs bark downstairs. As she made her way down the stairs, she said she wasn't ready for what would come next.

"I stood in the stairwell right here," Lori Pimm pointed from her kitchen Thursday. "I could hear rustling in the pantry."

Pimm said this was the second trip downstairs that night. Just minutes earlier, the barking from her dogs brought her downstairs, where she made her initial discovery.

"I got up and came down and the backdoor was wide open," she said. "That's not normal, and I felt really weird about it. I shut the back door and locked it and went back up."

When she came back down the second time, Pimm said she heard the noise coming from the pantry, then the door slowly opened.

"I could tell someone was staring at me from inside the pantry," Pimm added. "I said 'who's there?', with lots of swear words and the door opened and there was this woman."

Pimm said the woman asked her not to call police, but by then the phone was already dialing. Pimm said the woman pushed out a screen on the back window before running away.

When police showed up just minutes later, everyone looked at the surveillance cameras that were both inside and outside the home.

"We started watching the video back," Pimm said. "When I went to lock the door [the first time she came down] she was already in the house, I locked her in."

Ultimately, police found out the woman lived just a few doors down from the family. Despite making contact with the woman and having surveillance footage of her, police did not arrest her.

A spokesman for Unified Police said the woman may have a history of mental health issues, and that will be taken into consideration while they currently screen charges.

In the meantime, Pimm, her daughter, and other residents are uneasy knowing the woman still lives so close.

"We're afraid; We're afraid she'll come back," she said.