Utah man killed in London terror attack had ‘tremendous impact’ on local art community

Posted at 6:08 PM, Mar 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-24 20:08:04-04

WEST BOUNTIFUL, Utah -- Kurt Cochran was a pillar in the West Bountiful Arts Community. With his wife Melissa, he dedicated countless hours to Summerfest, an annual music festival.

Emma Dugal is the Executive Director of the Bountiful Davis Arts Center that puts on Summerfest every year, and she spoke about the influence Cochran had. Kurt was killed Wednesday during the terror attack in London.

"What a tremendous impact this man has had," Dugal said. "You know, not just with his involvement with Summerfest, but with just his whole life."

Volunteering for Summerfest was right up his alley because Cochran dedicated his life to empowering musicians through the recording studio he ran out of his basement.

"He has encouraged them to share their talent," Dugal said. "Sometimes when they weren’t sure how to take those steps, he coached them."

Mike Murphy, who owns Murphy's Guitars in West Bountiful, could always count on the Cochrans to support his music.

"I used to do a lot of solo performing, and Kurt would come with his wife to have dinner at the restaurants and places I was playing," Murphy said.

However, it wasn't just about the music.

"I think it was as much about his ability to share love as it was about his passion for music," Dugal said.

Cochran loved people and knew how to express it in a way most people can't. In a way that many times, only music can.