$1 billion transportation bond, law regarding abortion among new bills signed by Gov. Herbert

Posted at 7:58 PM, Mar 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-25 21:58:40-04

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed 49 more bills into law Saturday, including a $1 billion bond for transportation and a controversial law requiring doctors to tell patients that some abortion methods can be reversed.

The 49 bills signed Saturday bring the total bills signed for the 2017 session to 465. So far there has been only one veto, as Herbert pushed back against a bill that eliminated some partisan requirements for boards and commissions.

Among the bills signed Saturday is a $1 billion transportation bond, the second largest such bond in state history.

Senator Wayne Harper, R-Taylorsville, sponsored the measure, and he said earlier this month that it will not raise your taxes because the bond replaces existing bonds set to expire over the next few years.

Harper also said the bond doesn’t outline specific road projects, but will instead allocate funds to be available for projects identified by the Utah Department of Transportation and the Transportation Commission.

Another bill signed Saturday is House Bill 141, Unborn Child Protection Amendments. It centers on the drug mifepristone, known as the abortion pill, and telling patients that its effects can be reversed even after a patient takes the pill.

The bill saw heated debate earlier this year. One doctor who spoke against the bill called the claims of reversing a medication induced abortion pseudo-science and argued that doctors and patients should make medical decisions, not lawmakers.

Supporters of the bill say the measure gives women more choices and serves as a “protective umbrella.”

The full list of bills signed by Gov. Herbert Saturday is below. Visit the state legislature’s website for the full text of any given bill.

  • HB0017 Offenses Against the Person Amendments
  • HB0024S01 Student Prosperity Savings Program – Tax Amendments
  • HB0064 Property Tax Relief Amendments
  • HB0026 Revenue and Taxation Modifications
  • HB0066S01 Opiate Overdose Response Act Amendments
  • HB0082S01 Street-legal All-terrain Vehicle Amendments
  • HB0089 Impact Fee Reporting Requirements
  • HB0096 Petroleum Vapor Recovery Amendments
  • HB0109S02 Public Utility Regulatory Restricted Account Amendments
  • HB0123S03 Juvenile Offenses Amendments
  • HB0130S02 Cannabinoid Research
  • HB0141S02 Unborn Child Protection Amendments
  • HB0197S01 Custody and Adoption Amendments
  • HB0199 High Needs Children Adoption Amendments
  • HB0211 State Work of Art
  • HB0214 Probate Code Amendments
  • HB0229S01 Amendments Relating to Local Districts
  • HB0243S02 Common Area Land Use Amendments
  • HB0265S03 Safety Inspection Amendments
  • HB0283S01 Child Homelessness Prevention
  • HB0286S02 Essential Treatment and Intervention Act
  • HB0297S01 Renewable Energy Amendments
  • HB0301S01 Canal Safety Amendments
  • HB0313S02 Licensure Changes
  • HB0315S01 Aquaculture Amendments
  • HB0345 Telehealth Pilot Project
  • HB0376 Landlord-tenant Rights
  • HB0435 Health Care Patient Privacy Amendments
  • SB0050S04 Automobile Insurance Registry Amendments
  • SB0054S02 Adoption Revisions
  • SB0094S01 Local District Revisions
  • SB0095S01 Air Ambulance Amendments
  • SB0100S01 Early Childhood Services Coordination Amendments
  • SB0113S01 Natural Resources Modifications
  • SB0119 Sales and Use Tax Changes
  • SB0130S05 Universal Service Fund Amendments
  • SB0154S03 Solar Access Amendments
  • SB0157S02 Changes to Property Tax
  • SB0165S01 Reimbursements for Public Safety Officers
  • SB0174S03 Public Transit and Transportation Governance Amendments
  • SB0181S01 High Priority Transportation Corridors Amendments
  • SB0197S03 Refinery Sales and Use Tax Exemption Amendments
  • SB0198S03 Utah Communications Authority Amendments
  • SB0208 Utah Uniform Commercial Real Estate Receivership Act
  • SB0219 Pharmaceutical Product Amendments
  • SB0230 Solicitation Amendments
  • SB0232 Cyber Exploitation Amendments
  • SB0242S01 Government Records Access and Management Act Amendments
  • SB0277S01 Highway General Obligation Bonds Authorization