Officials of Weber County make arrests in major burglary ring

Posted at 10:14 PM, Mar 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-29 00:14:28-04

WEBER COUNTY - After months of searching, deputies in Weber County may have finally caught some of the men responsible for over two dozen thefts in a handful of counties.

"This is satisfying," said Lt. Nate Hutchinson with the Weber County Sheriff's Department.

Lt. Hutchinson said that deputies and investigators from Davis, Weber, and Box Elder counties have been working together to capture the men after thefts started occurring early last year.

"Most of these people had left their garage door or storage, open or unlocked," Lt. Hutchinson said.

However, he did note a few times when bolt cutters were used on storage units.

The two men arrested in the thefts were 45-year-old Brandon Christensen and 23-year old Zach Schofield. Lt. Hutchinson thinks there could be a handful of other arrests still to come.

In all, the Lieutenant estimates that over $50,000 in property was stolen, not including trucks and cars. Among the stolen goods were tools, guns, knives, motorcycles, and expensive household appliances. Lt. Hutchinson believes the thieves were trading the stolen property for drugs.

"I hope, I mean, who doesn’t hope that their things are there that went missing,” said XiClaly Cruz.

Cruz's garage was broken into just a few weeks ago, and her husband's tools, worth hundreds of dollars were stolen in the process. Cruz only lives a few blocks from the Sheriff's office and said she plans to go in on Wednesday to see if her husband's tools were recovered.

"Most of it is yet to be claimed," said Lt. Hutchinson of the property they recovered. "I’d say well over half of it is yet to be claimed. So, we’re encouraging people to check Weber County Sheriff's facebook page for information."