Suspect caught on camera stealing items from gym patrons in Bountiful

Posted at 10:02 PM, Mar 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-31 00:02:39-04

BOUNTIFUL - Surveillance cameras were rolling inside and outside the Davis Recreational Center as a woman walked inside, stole keys out of an unlocked locker, and then found the car outside and allegedly stole items out of it.

"When she’s done getting into the victim’s vehicle, the getaway car is already coming up to her getting ready to go," said Detective David Gill with Bountiful Police. "They are in and out in just a couple minutes.”

Looking at the surveillance footage, Gill doesn't think the woman was working alone. In addition to getting picked up in a getaway car, she was dropped off in a white truck. So, logically, one could assume at least three people were involved.

"We have big signs here that read 'please lock your valuables in your locker,'" said John Miller, Executive Director for Davis County Recreational Center.

Miller estimates that 50-60 percent of customers don't use locks on their lockers, even though they are available for rent for only a dollar.

"I don’t ever use a lock, and I’m here pretty much every single day," said Steffany Briscoe, who works out at the facility.

“Anymore, I don’t even use the lockers," said Dee Erickson, who said someone stole his car keys out of his locker before. "Someone found the remote control, went out to the car, found the car, rifled through it.”

Anyone with any information on who may be responsible is encouraged to reach out to Bountiful police.