Cancer patient searches for service dog after apartment fire

Posted at 9:39 PM, Apr 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-04 09:50:51-04

MURRAY, Utah -- A service dog was lost during an apartment building fire Saturday night.

The owner of the dog, Catie Mondon, wasn't home when her dog, Jade, a black and gray, blue heeler lab mix was trapped in the home.

“I ran upstairs to get my dog but they had kicked the door in, and they're like 'yeah she's gone we saw her run,'” Mondon said.

Crews continued to fight the blaze while Mondon fought back tears of losing her best friend.

“Obviously I love her.  She's my service dog. She means everything to me, so I immediately went into panic mode and started searching everywhere. We did 11 miles on foot,” Mondon said.

The next day Mondon tracked, even more, miles and now people Mondon doesn't even know are keeping their eye out for Jade.

“I've had cancer and she's got cancer and we want to help out,” said Clayton Stevens who was out driving looking for Jade.

“We've been looking in back yards and driving up streets and everything and by parks and looking everywhere we can,” Stevens said.

Mondon says Jade is more than just a service dog to her as she fights Stage 3c Ovarian Cancer.

“She came at that time where I found out children might not be a possibility and she filled that hole in my life,” Mondon said.

Now Mondon's home has extensive smoke damage, but she just wants Jade back.

“You can fix those, but I can't get another Jade. I can get another dog but it’s not going to be her. It's not going to be the same,” Mondon said.

Mondon has checked all the nearby shelters and she worries that Jade is so friendly someone might want to keep her.

"We've been everywhere looking," said Mondon. "I've checked everywhere."

You can reach Mondon at