BYU student breaks up with boyfriend over Spotify

Posted at 10:24 PM, Apr 10, 2017

PROVO, Utah -- BYU students Wyatt Hall and Kirsten Titus met through a pair of common friends. They soon discovered they were in the same finance class. Time spent in the same social circles soon led to a date.

"We went to IKEA, we did a scavenger hunt there featuring, meatballs,” said Titus.

It was a double-meatball date with friend Sam and Dasha.

"We went around hiding meatballs and then Sam and Dasha had to find the meatballs we hid and we had to go find the meatballs they hid,” said Hall.

The flair for the creative had been established so it was no surprise when Hall asked Titus what they should do for their second date.

"We planted a cactus on the top of a mountain,” said Titus.

Dating in the digital age on a college campus almost always includes text messages, snapchats and occasionally sharing Spotify playlists.

"We were kind of just bantering back and forth sending playlists to each other and then, I don't know, thought this would be a good time,” said Titus.

This is the Spotify playlist she sent Hall. Hint: Read the song titles in order.

  • "Kiss Me" by Ed Sheeran
  • "Because" by Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, Joe Anderson
  • "I Am" by James Arthur
  • "Kinda Lovin" by Trey Song
  • "Someone Else" by LANY
  • "But" by K. Cero
  • "We Can Still Be Friends" by Anthony Watson

"I just thought it was so funny. I busted up laughing right away,” said Hall.

Rather than be hurt, he laughed. But it was Titus who wasn’t laughing when her 14-year-old sister Ericka posted the playlist on Twitter.

"Ericka that has our faces on it, delete it right away. And I texted Hall and I was like I'm so sorry, I'm trying so hard to get her to delete it,” said Titus.

Too late. The creative breakup story got picked up by BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, The Sun in the U.K. and others.

"I was super surprised, I had no idea,” said Hall.

Hall and Titus did their interview for Fox 13 News, sitting side-by-side on BYU’s campus in Provo. There is no animosity between the pair. In fact, they continue to study together and hang out as friends. Hall taking the time to say the only thing he is upset about is people making mean-spirited comments about Titus, calling it a harsh way to end a relationship. Quite the contrary, according to Hall, it’s hilarious and now both of them are getting the last laugh.

Courtesy: Kirsten Titus