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Nominate a loved one for FREE Lasik eye surgery with The Eye Institute of Utah!

Posted at 3:24 PM, Apr 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-19 17:24:01-04

Moms & Dads LASIK Giveaway with The Eye Institute of Utah

Contest Overview:

  • 9th Annual Mother’s Day LASIK Giveaway, But this year with a Twist!! We didn’t want the dads to be left out, we we’re giving 2 Moms and 2 Dads free LASIK, PRK or ICL Surgery.
  • To enter, visit, click the Contest link, and fill out the nomination form
  • Nominations close at noon on May 8th
  • Spread the word about the contest via social media to get more community support and more nominations

Over the years, The Eye Institute of Utah has honored more than 30 lucky moms with FREE LASIK as part of their annual Mother’s Day Contest! After 9 years they decided it was time to include and give back the amazing dads and “Mr. Moms”. 2 Moms & 2 Dads will receive FREE LASIK this year!

  • You have between now and May 8th to nominate yourself or a deserving mom or dad you know for free LASIK.
  • To submit a nomination, you just need to visit our website at and fill out our nomination form.
    • Winners will be randomly selected (2 moms & 2 dads)
    • Everyone is encouraged to share the contest on all their social channels to rally family and friends to submit nominations and increase chances of winning.There are several different types of vision correction procedures, but for this contest, the winners may also receive either PRK & ICL surgery if they are not ideal candidates for LASIK.
    • Make sure you are following The Eye Institute on Facebook and Instagram (@EIUvision). They will publicly announce the winners on social media and via email within 1-2 weeks after the contest closes.